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             Upsilon Tau Omega Chapter History
AKA International History
Our Chapter History
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North Atlantic Region

The Upsilon Tau Omega Chapter began with the vision of six Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters — Irene Bullock-Overton, Patricia Bell, Annette Boxley-Drew, V’Nell A. DeCosta, Brenda Skipwith, and Gloria Watson—who had the desire to charter a graduate chapter in Fort Washington, Maryland, to serve the residents of Fort Washington and Southern Prince George’s County.

In April of 1996, a group of women interested in chartering a chapter adopted the name, "Pink Oyster Interest Group", to reflect the hard work and diligent effort required to charter a chapter. On December 7, 1997, 39 sorority members chartered the Upsilon Tau Omega Chapter in Prince George’s County, Maryland, making it the 122 chapter in the "Notable North Atlantic Region." These visionary women organized the Chapter with the mission to help improve the lives of the residents of Southern Prince George’s County through the platform targets set by the International Office of the Sorority.

The six International program targets for the Fort Washington community are: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action, Women's Healthcare and Wellness, Building Your Economic Legacy, The Arts! and Global Impact. To achieve these initiatives, the Chapter has formed invaluable and successful partnerships with other Greek, civic, social, and religious organizations, as well as the local media.

The Chapter's ongoing community contributions have been recognized throughout the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® organization and within the local community.

Upsilon Tau Omega celebrated 20 years of sisterhood in December 2017.  Over the years the Chapter was led by some phenomenal women who served as the Chapter President— Irene Bullock-Overton, Andriea Holt, Lezell W. Murphy, Genesta Belton, Daphney Elder, V'Nell A. Decosta, Danaeka Spear-Wilkes and now Keli Jackson.  Its membership has grown from 39 to more than 196 members, making it a large-sized chapter. The Chapter has grown but the mission has remained unchanged – Service to All Mankind.


"Upsilon Tau Omega: One Voice, One Vision, One Direction”

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